Who is like God?

Who is like God?

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„I am the hair of the woman washing Your feet, and the eyes crying for Your wounds. I am the light of the world which descended into the swamp of lie and cleaned it”.

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The fourth volume of the series Talking with God named Who is like God? reveals the story of Michael the Archangel and what he did for mankind in our present times. By reading it, you will find out the reason for its glory and the people’s need for its intervention.

I’m sending love and gratitude to Luiza Patrick Greechan and the others who joined her to made this project possible, the book Who is like God? translated into English. I am grateful to Diana-Andreea Pop for her complete dedication in translating this book. I hope this message will spread throughout the world, it will lift the fallen ones, awake those asleep, and caress the tired. Alberto Bacoi.

Old Man Steve talking about my book.

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Who is like God?


Alberto Bacoi


Independently published

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Dezvoltare Spirituală


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18 recenzii pentru Who is like God?

  1. Camelia Latan

    Reading your books, I felt a hard-hearted relief of my soul after my daughter’s death. The content helped me to see life with other eyes and it gave me more confidence. Thank you, Alberto Bacoi.

  2. Claudia Bocsaru

    The perception of the world, of God and spirituality through your prism is unique and profound. Many of my questions have found answers in your books. Many souls will find themselves in the thoughts and experiences exposed. Congratulations!

  3. Laurentiu Mihai

    Awesome work, a wonderful book that will change the understanding of many people. Thank you!

  4. Frumosu Adriana

    From you I have learned peace, love and forgiveness. Through you I have learned to see the world as it is. And as you say, Alberto, today I love life and life loves me back.

  5. Andrei Cornila

    I read this book with pleasure and it helped me a lot. I recommend all Alberto’s books and articles.

  6. Felicia Scrob

    A spiritual journey from which I came back smiling, but with tears in my eyes and trembling lips, a gentle river that first slides like a flood, which certainly turns into the ocean itself. Thank you, Alberto!

  7. Ana Petrache

    Reading your book I discovered the unconditional love, today I live at a higher level. You are a miracle on Earth, thank you and I love you.

  8. Diaconu Dan

    I felt like suffocating in this world before I found out the answers to the questions I asked myself all my life. Who we really are and what are we doing here? To my surprise, the answers began to appear one by one reading. Who is like God? was the book that made me understand what I wanted to understand in a simple and very pleasant way, and made me realize that I already have wings, I just have to stretch them to fly. The book speaks about resurrection, life, and truth, and reminds you that everything is love, including yourself.

  9. Daniela Bacoi

    I recommend this book to all people who struggled with low self confidence and doubts. The message guides you to discover the hero inside you.

  10. Trașcă Florentina

    I am glad that there is someone who has the courage to express his feelings and experiences without fear of being judged, because he understands that those judgments are just the way others know how to express themselves. I felt acceptance.

  11. Dina Zorina

    A wonderful book that I recommend to all those who are open to accept the truth in their lives. Reading it I received the clearest answers to the deepest existential questions. It was the one that raised me when I lost the meaning of life, and I was wandering through my thoughts. I have not read anything more valuable and understandable up to this point.

  12. Marcel Suciu

    For me, this is the book that released my soul from the mind cage that kept it like a prisonnier. I am grateful.

  13. Georgeta Păduraru

    I read the book and felt it with my soul. I experienced the events described that gave me the understanding I have today. I recommend this book to everyone.

  14. Mădălina Crețu

    I am thankful that i found Alberto Bacoi and his books. “Who is like God?” is a book that worth spending your time with. Reading it, you will find answers about your life and purpose in this world where sometimes life seems to go really hard on you. Thank you Alberto for being involved in helping people with your writings and dedication. You are amazing!

  15. Rozi Streja

    Through this book and its author God reveals His plan in a simple, easy and accessible way, to anyone.

  16. Baeram George

    Reading this book I changed my perspective. Today it is easier for me to understand why accidents happens and who allow them. I can handle these critical situations. I read a lot of books, and my biggest worry was why people don’t write clearly, simply and objectively, so that can everyone understand?

  17. Steliana și Matei Florea

    I read Alberto’s book together with my husband and we consider it a guide to discover what we really are. It helped us along the spiritual path. The book is a friend who gives you a helping hand and get you rid of ignorance and the conditions of the society. Thank you for your gift!

  18. Sorin Verdict (proprietar verificat)

    This book puts you in contact with your spirit. Readers from everywhere, it would be the case to start a new life and to discover the true moral values.

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