Who is like God?

Who is like God?


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I’m sending love and gratitude to dear Luiza Patrick Greechan and the others who joined her, who made this project possible, the book Who is like God? translated into English. I am so grateful to Diana-Andreea Pop for her complete dedication in translating this book. I hope that this message will spread throughout the world, so will lift the fallen ones, awake those asleep, and caress the tired.

Life knows how to surprise you pleasantly, when you walk confidently on your path, then embrace the natural order of things and events, rather than applying a mental coordination to nature’s functioning. Only then, you notice that God speaks to everyday people, because He is in all people and works through all. Consciousness comes like a thief, during the night, but it makes you shine in broad daylight, in plain view.

Since the beginning of the journey here, I knew that God will send me His angels to support me with the work that I decided, although I didn’t know anyone, I was not confident of me, but today the facts speak for themselves. And I think that I must have done something extraordinary in a past life as a human for all the love that I received in this life to reach out to me, under various forms, be it inspiration, money, people, and things. Today I know exactly what I need to do.

I also know that for any elation obtained in the world of relativity, you must pay an unpleasant price. The price that I paid for this book to reach out to you and for you to read it, was my health. Therefore, value it or figure it out, it is The Portrait of God, which I painted with my heart! I am waiting to give you the book which clears thoughts, exalts hearts, frees souls, or gives life to the spirit inside people. It is the book coloring the sky with human tears and with authority over everything that moves.

I’ve already changed the human thinking and I made it global.

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Who is like God?


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